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Annual 911 Tribute

In honor of my older sister that was lost in the WTC on 9/11/01, these pieces have been created annually to honor those lost on that tragic day. Every year, I prepare a piece with similarities from its predecessor. They not only show a progression of my abilities but present a view into the rollercoaster of emotions I experience every year on the anniversary of 9/11.

Presented here are a few of my favorite pieces throughout the years.

Mellanie chafe 911 2016
Mellanie chafe 911 2015 lowres

This piece marked my first time returning to New York since before I had lost my sister in 2001. It was also the first time I depicted myself into one of my tributes. It was both a hard moment and weight lifted.

Mellanie chafe angel 2014

I remember experiencing a lot of difficulty creating my piece that year. I was distraught and lost and in a place where nothing I created felt right. Though this is one of my least favorites, I pushed through it.

Mellanie chafe live without your sunlight by luniara

I felt numb that year. So numb I can barely remember the inspiration behind this piece. I remember depicting her wrappings as having fallen apart and the wreckage behind her faintly as a peace dove offers a sense of calm.

Mellanie chafe 911angel 2012

This year was a particularly hard one for me. I had been keeping my head up throughout that time of year...until my power supply died in the middle of working on this piece. I was devastated and experienced a tsunami of emotions all at once.

Mellanie chafe mendless heart by luniara d49i9zk

It was now 10 years since 9/11. Imagery, commercials, news and talk about that day infested my life. It was painful and lonely. In an effort to quell my emotions, I had attended an event to light a lantern for my sister. That was my inspiration.

Mellanie chafe 911angel 2010

The first time I had decided to stick to a particular set of colors and subject. I spent days on this piece and struggled to depict a great deal of symbolism.